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Community Surveys

Creating Awareness

Community Surveys

Project: Community Surveys
Project Type: Non-Technical
Open To: Everyone

Have you got what it takes to create in-depth community surveys?

The Zillacracy Council is looking for outstanding members of the community to conduct and report on key matters within the Zilliqa ecosystem. Community surveys are a key part of learning and will help us improve and add crucial implementations to the Zilliqa blockchain.

Below are some suggestions of questions we would like feedback on:

– Residency of user
– Age of user
– How did you hear about Zilliqa
– Do you have a development background
– Applications they’d like to see on Zilliqa
– What would you like to see more
– What problems do you see within the blockchain industry
– Are you happy with the amount of information available about Zilliqa

This project is open to everyone, but having a background of conducting surveys and providing information in graphs and charts would be an advantage.

You can apply to fill this role and the Zillacracy Council will contact you within 10 days to discuss your ideas and how you plan to implement the survey within the community.