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Contribute To Existing Code Base

Improve Zilliqa Protocol

Contribute To Existing Code Base

Project: Contribute To Existing Codebase
Project Type: Technical
Open To: Everyone

Coding your speciality? This could be the project for you.

We are currently looking for budding coders to help update and refactor the existing Zilliqa code base to make it more modular and robust.

If you have experience in coding this project could be perfect for you! Please don’t hesitate to apply as coders with all levels of ability will be considered. 

Each technical project will be judged according to its complexity, goal and time, but some general criteria to follow are:
1) High quality open source code
2) Good engineering (i.e. CI/CD)
3) Good documentation
4) Enough test coverage and willingness to maintain the project (e.g. fix bugs and add features if necessary) for at least three months time
5) Staying in close contact with the Council to provide regular updates

Steps from the project side:
Approved projects will have milestones to reach, and timelines to follow. Propose a plan of action how you would work on this specific project. Include steps you are taking, the amount of time spend for each step, and the overall duration of the development of the project.

If you feel you could contribute and help improve the Zilliqa code, don’t hesitate to apply. After applying the Zillacracy Council will be in contact within 10 days to discuss your ideas and how you plan to implement them within the community.