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Zillacracy – Battle Of The Merch

Zillacracy – Battle Of The Merch

Project: Battle Of The Merch
Project Type: Non-Technical
Open To: Open To Everyone

Zilliacracy is proud to announce “Battle Of The Merch” in partnership with Zilliqa. Battle of the merch will allow artists and designers to submit their best designs to battle out for the chance to win a your very own merch and feature on the Zilliqa merch store, with even a profit share for your design!

We’ve all heard of “Battle Of The Bands” if it’s some terrible indie bands playing in local pubs, or large-scale action thrillers like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. The moral is, we all like a contest and to prove we’re the best, but sadly we will not permit vegan powers in this event.

Hopefully designers can submit their designs to [email protected] where they will be judged and singled down to the final 8. Finalists will then battle it out on Twitter to become the ultimate merch designer.
So get your laptops at the ready and get your best designs down for your chance to make Zilliqa history.

What you can win:

5 pieces of merch with your design on.
Receiving 50% profit of every item that is sold with your design on it.

Rules and guidelines:

Users can only enter 1 design.
Your submission must be related to Zilliqa.
No offensive images will be tolerated.
Images must be sent in PNG format.
Poll tampering will result in instant disqualification.
Entries must be in before June 4th at 12:00.

How to submit your design:

Please email [email protected] with your Telegram and Twitter handle along with your design and the name of it.

UPDATE: We have our first proud winner of the Battle of the Merch which was GodZilliqa. You can order this t-shirt now in the Zilliqa Merch Store

You can view the last epic battle which took place here