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Zilliqa Torch

Creating Awareness

Zilliqa Torch

Project: Zilliqa Torch
Project Type: Non-Technical
Open To: Everyone

Hold and share the Zilliqa Torch to spread awareness of the Zilliqa blockchain.

The Zilliqa Torch borrows an initiative set up on the Lightning Network. The Zilliqa Torch is effectively a game of crypto hot potato on Twitter, users will receive the Zilliqa Torch from different community members and will need to pass it on sending a small amount of Zilliqa in the process.

We designed the Zilliqa Torch to spread awareness and capabilities of the Zilliqa blockchain, but we are now looking for a member of the community to step forward and direct this very cool initiative.

The ideal candidate would be someone who plays a role in the community and can arrange for the torch to be passed between key community members making the initiative appeal to more members. If you feel like this a job you could excel at please don’t hesitate to apply.

You can apply to fill this role and the Zillacracy Council will be in contact within 10 days to discuss your ideas and how you plan to implement them within the community.