Zillacracy Seed Node (Research+MVP)

This is a research project and will transfer to an implementation project later on. We are in need of a group of people that can research the possibility to have a community-run non-custodial staking pool for Zilliqa. With the aim of creating a win-win situation for the community: first and foremost to create a non-custodial staking option for Zilling holders. Second, as the services offered by Zillacracy come at a cost a small fee has to be incurred. Within this fee, a limited surplus will be included to create a Zilling pool. Meaning that when the Zilliqa ecosystem comes to fruition the Zillacracy staking services will be able to operate independently and is able to invest in the community at the same time.

Solutions and upsides a community-run and non-custodial staking pool could provide:

– allow smaller ZIL holders to be able to participate in non-custodial staking
– also attract larger ZIL holders as it offers a non-custodial option to stake Zillings
– showing a healthy community commitment and decentralization morale
– building a trustworthy reputation for a Zillacracy seed node could allow the staking pool to
participate in future staking mechanisms for dApps as well
– a showcase of the possibilities of Zilliqa’s programming language Scilla
– possibility to steadily keep reinvesting into the community

The roles we currently have filled and are still open are:

Note: One person can fill multiple roles.


Project facilitator: Mark

Technical architect role: Hasi

UI and UX product development: Adrian

Smart contract creators: Amrit and Xiaohuo

Business development role: Milan and Mark

Smart contract auditor: Zilliqa or related Zilliqa parties

Tester: Xiaohuo, Hasi, community perhaps, and external parties


Content creator
– create content for the Zillacracy website.
– create dedicated content to visualize a non-custodial community staking pool.
– create content for Twitter, Telegram, and blogs.
– create mockups for (possible) GUI.

Community evangelist
– poll interest in non-custodial community staking pool.
– systematically collect feedback from the community and translate it to requirements.
– manage expectations of upcoming releases and supported features.
– create blogs and writings about progress non-custodial community staking pool.


This project is open to everyone but having experience in developing and implementing processes will have an advantage on your chances of being accepted.

You can apply to fill this role and the Zillacracy Council will contact you within 10 days to discuss your ideas and how you plan to implement them within the community.


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