What can you do

Community members can contribute to the project in both technical and non-technical ways, helping both quality and awareness of the platform expand.

The initiative will provide project ideas and tasks suited to help in the development of the Zilliqa blockchain throughout its infancy.

Examples of the contribution could range from:

  • Contact & facilitate merchandise vendors
  • Expand branding materials, e.g. wallpapers and graphics
  • Become a monarch of meme marketing
  • Create engaging videos and infographic content
  • Develop mining software to make it easier for communities to mine
  • Improve Zilliqa documentation
  • Compose analyses comparing Zilliqa to its counterparts
  • Dapps
  • Protocol

Above are only some of the great things you can do to help spread awareness of the Zilliqa project.

Zillacracy is not only limited to projects we suggest, developers can pitch their own ideas and projects to the council. Projects the council see fit can in turn apply for funding and development help from the team. The Council come from very diverse backgrounds with different skillsets, that can be easily incorporated into your amazing ideas